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Ciao! Nice to meet you! I’m Lucas, recipe developer, food photographer and lover of Italian food.

I am a Brazilian-Italian food photographer and recipe developer based in London, UK, and creator of Sweet Lenses.
I shoot food and beverage for small and medium-sized brands. I also develop recipes for food blogs and cookbooks.
Since a little kid I’ve been around my Italian granny watching her make her magic in the kitchen with mesmerized eyes. Since then I knew I loved whatever is happening in the kitchen and started to follow this dream.
Now I have been cooking for Italian food for 10 years and I have incorporated the cuisine into my daily life and work. So I decided to ask my friend Evelyn to help me make this dream of having an online Italian cook book come true!

I created this blog to channel my love for Italian food and create a really helpful source of simplified recipes for all. I have so many recipes I’ve been cooking for these years that I really want to share with the world, and have a perfect excuse to make more delicious recipes that I love. Join me for mouthwatering recipes designed for Italian food lovers.

If you’d like to work with me or have any enquiries please send an email to littlepansblog @


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